I’d like to begin with my condolence to the world that is in a very critical condition. There has got to be a cure for the sick world and that cure is non other than Islam. An Ideology, system of life, religion and guidance for the man that has been proven to be true and the only Deen that shows the right path guided by God. 

The help will not come on its own without man trying to get it and be the change they wanted to be, God needs man to show that they are deserved to get help through continuous effort on believing and practicing the Deen of Islam. A path that that winding and full of tests and a difficult obstacles that might shake one’s faith and heart needs to be passed through. This is the way of the true bliss, a true pursuit of happiness that not many will be able to make it. 

I surrender myself to God who knows me more than myself, the one who owns my soul to let me be the one who can passed through this life. I am nothing and God is everything.